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Press Kit

Welcome to Aim & Snap, a celebration of virtual photography and the extraordinary games that define it! To access our media resources, please utilize the download links provided below. For any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to


August 19th to 26 2023 (PST)


Official Graphical Asset:

Download via this link


Introducing Aim & Snap: A Celebration of Photography Games!

Dive into the world of virtual photography with Aim & Snap, a special event made to celebrate photography games. 

Aim & Snap aims to highlight the significance of photography games and camera mechanics, all while celebrating the boundless creativity of game developers! By showcasing the surging popularity of camera mechanics in games, we hope to inspire gaming platforms to enhance discoverability by adding tags and categories that connect fans with these experiences.


Calling all aspiring Virtual Photographers and those new to the realm of virtual photography and camera mechanic games! Immerse yourself in the enchantment that unfolds through the lens by playing our featured games.

With heartfelt gratitude to the game studios and publishers, we present "Aim & Snap" – an event made possible by your invaluable contributions.

The "Aim & Snap" Team at Runaway Play

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